If Blog Neglect were a crime, I’d be brought up on charges.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog, or am already over it or something. I still read all my blogs religiously, and am constantly finding more to read. Soon it will be a full-time job (attention all – how do I get paid for reading blogs all day?).

I’ve been sort of busy the past few weeks. The past month, maybe.

About a month ago (exactly a month ago) I went to Chicago for a few days for work. I sat through meetings, napped in the afternoons, and drank copious amounts of red wine.

We drove home from Chicago and I headed straight to the airport to pick up a friend for a weekend of hanging out, fun, and copious amounts of beer.

I recovered the whole next week. It takes me a while.

And with work full-time plus massage school on the weekends, I say I’ve got no free time. This isn’t true, of course. I have the week evenings. I went on a date (!), I’ve hung out with friends, I’ve read a few books, and mostly I crash and watch A LOT of TV.

With the weather getting nicer, I’m hoping for more time spent outside, and maybe for random inspiration to strike me to want to work out.

But blogging has taken a backseat to everything clamoring for my attention (and energy). I’ve been out of practice writing regularly, or maybe I’ve never made it a true habit. I have at least five half-filled journals around my house somewhere. I think I’ve only ever managed to fill a journal once. They’re like chapstick.

So I’ll be looking to carve out a bit more time to fill this space up– I have several painting projects planned and all kinds of thoughts swirling around in my head that I never quite get to putting down on paper (or on the screen…)

See you around!



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