God is being especially faithful to me this morning and ministering to me in ways that are making me tear up (or is that because I’m tired from being up at 3am with a vomiting cat?!)   Anyways… wanted to share this blog with you– if you don’t have time to read it all, I copied the paragraph(s) that hit me.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of needing “more” in our everyday lives. Keeping up with our neighbors, and even the strangers we follow online, leaves us looking around with discontented eyes and unhappy hearts. We are urged to do, to be, to strive for the next thing that seems to promise, “This will be it. This will be happiness.” Yet it never is. The Illustrated Bible Survey says it this way: “Thus, it is the burden of excess that humans can not handle. All that life offers eludes any sense of meaning and purpose without God.”
This passage in 1 Timothy isn’t about comparing our material blessings with someone else and feeling guilt for what we or they do or don’t have. Oh, no, the Gospel is much richer than that.
Paul is calling us to our own fight for faith. We don’t often recognize our battles in this life that offers instant gratification at every turn. We are constantly being lured away from recognizing our need for a Savior because we’ve grown comfortable with the lie that our needs can be met with earthly comforts. Our lives may look vastly different from those of our faith family around the world, but our desperation for the grace of Jesus is the same. – http://shereadstruth.com/2015/04/30/fighting-for-what-matters/

This, and Psalm 25 have been God’s way of reminding me, gently (even though for the millionth time) that he’s GOT THIS. That he’s WITH ME. That all the other stuff doesn’t actually matter, it’s me and him that matters.

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