It’s about time for a change

As the song goes, times they are a-changin’.

I’ve been pretty stable for the past few years– I just hit two and a half years at my job, I just resigned my lease on my apartment for a third year– this is all big stuff for me, a wanderer at heart.

So I’ve been a bit antsy for some change, especially since I’m now several months out from massage classes (and officially certified!), I’m ready to learn something or try new things or do something to shake things up.

My biggest problem, though, is I’m so tired. I’ve always blamed my tiredness on a lot of things– lack of sleep in college, lack of a proper schedule when working in food service, school on top of work during massage classes, and now? I sleep, I sleep regularly, and I only put in 40 hours at work. So why do I come home to nap at least 3 evenings a week? Why am I so exhausted?

After ruminating on it for quite a while, I’m taking a long-overdue look at my  diet. I eat a lot of junk. No seriously– a LOT of junk. I tend to be a convenience eater- I’ll grab whatever is there with the least amount of prep. This results in a lot of microwave meals and popcorn dinners. In keeping a food diary since March 1, I’ve also realized I eat consistently about 300 calories less than my body requires.

No wonder I’m so exhausted– I’m not fueling my body, especially with the things it needs. So– it’s time for a change.

For the month of April, my mom and I are going to do Whole 30. I recommend going to the website– it’s going to explain it a lot better than I can. But basically– it’s a way to restructure how you think about food. I’m not doing a “diet” to lose weight– I want to change how I feel about food (especially prepping/cooking food).

While I have had several panicked moments, I am armed with my book and the support of my mom. April has 30 days, which settles in nicely with this 30 day challenge, and I am excited to see what changes this brings about in my mindset and my life.

My goals are more energy, to have fun meal planning/prepping, and becoming more comfortable in the kitchen. 17 days until this little adventure begins!


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